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Our research group NESG is growing and we are always looking for students interested in this field. If this is the case for you, I invite you to read this page before contacting me about Ph.D. or research opportunities, or for a thesis or master’s thesis.

Topics of interest

I am a restless person who likes to learn about different topics, you can check my last proposals for final projects (here)[]. In my work I focus on the following topics:

1. Cybersecurity Research

My current research is at the intersection of system security and machine learning, with a focus on network security. Specifically, we are investigating the use of LLMs (Large Language Models) applied to the field of cybersecurity.

However, the best way to explore what I am researching and if this interests you is to review some of my recent publications, which you can check out here.

2. Cybersecurity Outreach.

The field of cybersecurity is cross-cutting and has a major impact on people’s lives. A deep ignorance in this subject can result in deceptions or frauds that affect at least the economy of those attacked. For this reason, I want to facilitate the learning of this subject to the general population. I am always open to suggestions for works that focus on this topic, such as video games that promote cybersecurity or teach in an entertaining way how to protect yourself against the most common attacks.

3. Teaching Innovation

Teaching is an area that I am passionate about and where there is always room for improvement. Therefore, it is important for me to make an effort to create content that facilitates learning about cybersecurity and computer networks in general.

International cooperation on ICT issues

Another part of my life that I have devoted a lot of effort to is international cooperation projects. In particular, I have worked with the NGO Ambala in Cameroon and am still working with them on the digital transformation of their hospital in Kribi. They use the GNU Health software based on the free ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software Tryton. Every year I propose a project along these lines, which may end with a summer trip to Cameroon to implement an upgrade of this software.

Ph.D. Candidates

A Ph.D. is a real gift. It allows you to work independently on an exciting topic and discover things that no one else has done. But it also has a hard and extremely frustrating side here you can read an article that deals with this topic.

I like to be honest and show both sides of the coin so that the student is aware that this path involves many hours and a lot of personal effort. Due to the high demand on both the student and the director, I am currently only considering full-time applications.

I am looking for candidates with a Master’s degree in ICT (computer science or telecommunications) and an interest in cybersecurity. A strength should be programming, preferably in Python. Fundamental to working in this field is an innate curiosity for the subject matter and consistency in work.